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  • There is no Age Restriction to participate in Entire
    Gita Recitation, Shatka Recitation.

  • Please remember that you will not be eligible to
    participate in Chapter or Shatka competitions if
    you are participating in Entire Gita Recitation.

  • Gita Talk - For Youth (Ages 12 to 18) and Adults
    (Ages 18 & above)

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Age Category

Entire Gita Recitation

Shatka Recitation

Please note - If you decide to recite "Shatka 1",
you cannot participate in "Chapter 5" recitation.

Memorized Recitation / Fluent Reading

Gita Talk - Verse 22 of Chapter 5

Gita Talk - Youth [Ages 12-18] & Adults [18 & above]