Editors’ note

A Note from the Editors

We are pleased to present you with this new format of Paramartha Tattvam. We regret very much the delay in bringing out these issues in recent times. The delays have been partly due to the preoccupation of the board members with pressing temple activities and partly due to the logistics surrounding the presentation of the journal itself. We are now running a trial version of the journal as a blog. We hope this meets with your approval and we are always eager to receive your feedback to make the journal more useful.

  • We wish to broaden the authorship of the articles in these pages. As such, we invite articles on spiritual matters from our general readership. The articles will be reviewed by the Editorial Board who will make recommendations on the appropriateness of such articles, after any suggested changes, for publication in the journal. It is suggested that the articles be limited to about 3 typed pages using the Times New Roman font, size 11 and spacing 1.5.  Only English and Devanagari (Baraha Unicode font) texts are  permitted at this time.
  • We are especially keen to have our younger readership contribute material for the journal that is both personal and also fun such as – short articles, drawings, puzzles, riddles etc. that are in tune with the theme of the journal.
  • Last but not least, we want your feedback to make this even more meaningful to you. We hope the new blog format makes it much more convenient to provide quick feedback and we require commentators to fully identify themselves for such comments to be published.
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May the Grace of Sharadamba and blessings of the Acharya be with you all !

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