Annual Maharudram 2012 at SVBF USA

Venky Gopalakrishnan

शिवः शक्त्या युक्तो यदि भवति शक्तः प्रभवितुं
न चेदेवं देवो न खलु कुशलः स्पन्दितुमपि।

Lord Shiva cannot even move an inch without Her Shakti, points out Sri Adi Sankaracharya in His Soundarya Lahari.

With the boundless grace of Goddess Sharadamba and the blessings of His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Bharati Thirtha Mahaswamji of Sringeri Sharada Peetham , the Annual Maharudram for 2012 was conducted in a grand manner on June 2nd at SVBF, Stroudsburg. The turbulent weather and heavy thunderstorms all through the previous evening and night magically cleared by the dawn and presented a gorgeous day for devotees.

Since 1995, Maharudram has been a routine and most anticipated event for the devotees and Veda students in the tri-state area. This year marks a milestone as the event was conducted just in one-day with 112 ritwiks participating in the event. Program started at 7 a.m. with Guru Vandanam, Ganapathi puja and Homam. Mahanyasa parayanam was followed by Rudram chanting and Abhishekam to Lord Shiva. Rudra Homam was performed simultaneously by the learned priests by the side of the temple.

After chanting the Sri Rudram for 13 times, ritwiks and devotees joined the final phase of Homam. Everyone could feel the divine vibrations when Poornahuti was offered along with chanting of Chamakam. After the Poornahuti, the ritwiks and devotees assembled in front of the Lord Shiva sannidhi for Kalasabhishekam, Alankaram and Mahamangala Arathi. SVBF priests, Brahma Sri Shringeswara Bhatt, Brahma Sri Shyamasundara Rao and Brahma Sri A.R. Chandramouli led the rituals duly complying with the prescribed procedures and paying attention to every minor detail.

In his address, SVBF Chairman, Dr. Yegnasubramanian expressed satisfaction and happiness over the Shraddha of the exceeding number of ritwiks every year. He stressed the significance of Sri Rudram and the immense benefits chanting it as cited in Vedas.  He quoted,

रुद्राध्यायी वसेद्यत्र ग्रामे वा नगरेऽपि वा ।
व्याधि दुर्भिक्ष चोरादिबादा तत्र न जायते ॥

In a town or village, where even one person chanting Sri Rudram lives, no misfortune, or illness, or any bad elements will dare go near, and there will be only prosperity, harmony and peace. Rudram chanting not only protects that person from sickness and danger, but it protects the entire neighborhood and showers blessings for all. He concluded with optimism stating such growing participation and adherence to Vedic traditions by ‘householders’ and youngsters is a great sign and it will preserve our Vedic roots for years to come.

Devotees were spellbound in the beauty of Goddess Sharadamba in the form of Sri Shiva. SVBF priests had chosen the Alankaram of the day to mirror the Shivalingam and it was mesmerizing. Morning program concluded with Maha prasadam for the 400 plus devotees. Evening program included Lalitha Sahasaranamam chanting followed by Rathosthava. Such great participation and support from the volunteers leaves no doubt that this Vedic event held for universal peace and prosperity will continue every year with the blessings of Goddess Sharadamba.

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May the Grace of Sharadamba and blessings of the Acharya be with you all !

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