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(In praise of good people)

यथा चित्तं तथा वाचो यथा वाचस्तथा क्रिया: ।

चित्ते वाचि क्रियायां च साधूनामेकरूपता ॥

The actions (of noble people) are in sync with their speech which is in sync with their thoughts. There is harmony in thoughts, words and actions of the noble.


निर्गुणेष्वपि सत्त्वेषु दयां कुर्वन्ति साधव: ।

नहि संहरते ज्योत्स्नां चन्द्रश्चाण्डालवेश्मसु ॥

The saints show compassion even to those beings that are devoid of (good) qualities. Indeed the moon does not withdraw its moonlight from the houses of lowly people.


उपाकारिषु य: साधु साधुत्वे तस्य को गुण: ।

अपाकारिषु य: साधु: स साधु: सद्भिरुच्यते ॥

What is special (there is nothing special) about the goodness of one who is good to those who have done him favours? One who does good (even) to those who are unfavourable to him is recognized by the wise as a (truly) noble person.


स्वभावं नैव मुञ्चन्ति सन्त: संसर्गतोऽसताम् ।

न त्यजन्ति रुतं मञ्जु काकसम्पर्कत: पिका: ॥

The saints never abandon their (good) nature (even) in the company of the ignoble, just as cuckoos do not give up their melodious sound (even) in the company of crows.


आपत्स्वेव हि महतां शक्तिरभिव्यज्यते न सम्पत्सु ।

अगुरोस्तथा न गन्ध: प्रागस्ति यथाग्निपतितस्य ॥

It is only in adversity – and not in prosperity – that the power of the great people is (fully) evident, just as Agar wood (fully) manifests its fragrance only when it is thrown into fire.

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