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(In praise of good people)


दुर्जनवचनाङ्गारैर्दग्धोऽपि न विप्रियं वदत्यार्य:।

अगुरुरपि दह्यमान: स्वभावगन्धं परित्यजति किं नु॥


A noble person does not utter unpleasant words even though burnt by the heated charcoals in the form of the (insulting) words uttered by bad people. Indeed does fragrant aloe wood give up its natural fragrance when being burnt? (No it does not.)


गौरीपतेर्गरीयो गरलं गत्वा गले जीर्णम्।

जीर्यति करणे महतां दुर्वादो नाल्पमपि विशति॥


The powerful poison (which resulted from the churning of the ocean) got worn out when it reached the throat of Lord Shiva (the consort of Gauri). Similarly slander gets worn out in the ear of the great – not even a small amount enters (their mind).


सुजनो न याति वैरं परहितनिरतो विनाशकालेऽपि।

छेदेऽपि चन्दनतरु: सुरभयति मुखं कुठारस्य॥


Engaged in helping others, a good person does not show enmity even at the time of destruction. Just as even at the time of felling a sandalwood tree makes the edge of the axe fragrant.


शरदि न वर्षति गर्जति वर्षति वर्षासु नि:स्वनो मेघ:।

नीचो वदति न कुरुते न वदति सुजन: करोत्येव॥


In the autumn a cloud does not rain and (only) rumbles while in the monsoons it rains without rumbling. Similarly a lowly person (only) talks and does not do (anything) while a good person does not talk (much) but certainly does (good deeds).


अमृतं किरति हिमांशुर्विषमेव फणी समुद्गिरति।

गुणमेव वक्ति साधुर्दोषमसाधु: प्रकाशयति॥


The moon (with its cool rays) scatters nectar while a hooded serpent emits only poison. Similarly a saint mentions only the good qualities (of others) while an evil person reveals (only) the faults (of others).

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