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Always Perform Good Deeds


Until a man attains moksha, he will be subject to births in accordance with his karmas. In each birth, pleasure and pain will alternate in proportion to karma phalam (fruit of karma) – just as night and day follow each other. This is what is known as samsara samudram (the ocean of birth and death).

Whatever karma one does, one will have to experience its fruits – happiness as a result of satkarma (good deeds) and suffering as a result of dushkarma (bad deeds). That is why our ancestors used to advise that everybody must always keep during satkarma.

Sastra says:  उप्यते यद्बीजं तत्तदेव प्ररोहति |

It should not be thought why even bad people enjoy the comforts of a good life. That is because they had performed good actions in the previous birth. Similarly, a good person also undergoes suffering as a result of bad deeds in the previous birth. The karma phalam of this birth will follow that.

Manusmriti clarifies,

नाधर्मश्चरितो लोके सद्यः फलति गौतिव |

शनैरावर्तमानस्तु कर्तुर्मूलानि कृन्तति ||

That is, unjust actions do not produce immediate results as the cow, which gives instant milk. But, like the seeds sown in earth, they sprout and slowly destroy the unjust person in due course. Hence, in whatever position one is, he should not let his mind stray towards adharma.

We bless all to understand this well and attain sadbhava (good nature) through help to others, devotion to god and inclination towards good deeds.

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