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The Primacy of the Guruacharya

Discharge of duty (dharma), acquiring of wealth (artha), gratification of desire (kama), and final emancipation (moksha) are the four-fold objects of human pursuit. Of these, moksha stands supreme. This can come only from knowledge of the Self.

The shruti says this very clearly:

तमेव विदित्वा अतिमृत्युमेति ।

tameva viditvA atimRRityumeti |

The state beyond death is attained only on knowing the Self. This knowledge can be had only from the Guru, the preceptor. Again, the shruti says:

आचार्यवान् पुरुषो वेद । AchAryavAn puruSho veda | —Know that he alone is the real man who has a preceptor.

Then the question arises:  को गुरुः? ko guruH? Who is the guru? The answer is:

अधिगततत्त्वः शिष्यहितायोद्यतः सततम् ।

adhigatatattvaH shiShyahitAyodyataH satatam |

“One who has imbibed all the principles of the shastra and is always engaged in the welfare of the disciple.”

This quality of the guru was entirely manifest in Sri Shankara Bhagavatpada. He knew the hidden principles of all the shastras. He strove for the welfare of the entire humanity. Though many centuries have passed, his works shine as the beacon light of the Vedas.

Shankara preached the same non-dualism which has been taught by the Upanishads. Not that he evolved a new principle. The wise have unanimously concluded that it is the same Advaitic truth as revealed by Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita and Veda Vyasa in the Brahma Sutra. All of us should, therefore, celebrate the birth anniversary of Bhagavatpada Sankara who was a monument of learning and an ocean of love.

The Sruti also supports this:

तस्मात् आत्मज्ञं ह्यर्चयेत् भूतिकामः ।

tasmAt Atmaj~naM hyarchayet bhUtikAmaH |

Therefore, one who is desirous of welfare should indeed worship such a knower of the Self.

May the grace of Bhagavatpada Shankara be upon all believers! May those who strive, attain moksha!

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