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M.S.Sharavana Bhat

SVBF is pleased to announce the arrival of the new priest M.S.Sharavana Bhat at the Sri Sharadamba temple in Stroudsburg, PA.sharavana

Education: He has passed his SSLC and completed his vedic education at the Sringeri Patashala (Sadvidya Sanjeevini samskrutha Patashala), Maharshi Patashala (Maharshi Veda vignana Patashala tirthahalli), and in Adi Shankaracharya Sadvidya Sanjeevini Samskrutha patashala ?Kerala, Kaladi.

The vedic study subjects include:

Rigveda Moola, Rugveda Shodasha Karma Prayoga, (Poorva and Apara), Vaathula Agamatantra Prayoga, Jyothishya Shastra, and Mandalam using Rangoli.

Languages known – Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English

He is married.

S.J. Jayashankara Holla

JayashankarS.J.Jayashankara is a new priest who joined SVBF on February 20, 2013

Jayashankara completed his veda studies in 2002 from the Sadvidya Sanjeevini Mahapaathashala Sringeri Mahasamsthanam, Sringeri and later on continued in 2003 – 2004, at Horanadu Annapurneshwari Veda Patashala, Horanadu. He has completed the Rigveda Sampoorna and is familiar with rigveda asta stakam, panchasooktas. durga, laxmi, saraswathi suktha. devi sooktha.ratri sooktha, sri durga saptha shathi [chandee paatha] pavamana sooktha. purushasuktha[rig-yejur] etc. all sukthas. sri rudram, chamakam etc.,

He worked as part time priest at Sharada Chandramouleshwara temple, Shankar Matt, Gowri Bidanuru and then became an independent priest at Bangalore, engaged in conducting and participating in daily rituals and various functions like, Upanayanam, Marriage and all kinds of Poojas like Mandir Pratishta, many kinds of Shantis etc.,

He participated in the inaugural function of Shri Sharada Temple in U.S.A (Stroudsburg) in 2008. Also took part in Ayutha Chandimahaiyagam on the auspicious occasion of Sri Sri BharathiThirtha Mahaswamiji’s 60th Vardhanthi.

He can speak Kannada, Hindi, English, Tamil, Tulu & Telugu He is married with his wife Vidya.


K.R.Vidyashankara joined SVBF on February 20, 2013 as a priest and to take care of the naivedyam preparationsvidyaShankar

Vidyashankara worked as a ?paricharaka? (religious worker) to prepare the naivedyam (offering to the Gods) in a traditional manner in various temples belonging to the Sringeri Mutt. This requires special training and rigorous ritual practices as prescribed in the scriptures. He has learnt a few slokas and can attend to simple puja

He can speak English, Kannada and Hindi. He is not married.

Padmanabha Nadig

PadmanabhaNadig joined SVBF on May 12, 2013 (Akshara Treetya day) as a priest on his transfer from the New England Temple in Boston.

Nadig completed the Rig veda Samhita, Prayoga, Yajur veda Prayoga and Udaka Shanti from the Veda Vedanga Vedanta Pathashalla Samhiti, Bangalore from the year 2004 to March 2006.   He became familiar with the poojas  and homa.

He joined as a priest in the Sri Sathyavati Ganpathi temple, Bangalore in 2007. He was responsible for the pooja, alankarams and all other religious events conducted in the temple.  He stayed there till 2009.  He worked as a free lance priest for a couple of years. He then decided to move west and got an opportunity to work as a priest in the New England Temple, Boston in the year 2011.  He felt he did not get too many opportunities to utilize his knowledge  and thus looked forward to other temples in USA.  He contacted SVBF and was appointed a priest in 2013.

He can speak Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English. He was married recently while he was planning to leave the Boston temple

Baluswamy Kumar

SVBF sensed the need of a good in-house religious artisan for its routine upkeep of the temple. We noticed the work of Baluswamy Kumar while building the new temple. SVBF was impressed with his work and thus brought him back for the work after the inauguration of the temple.

He studied the work of a shilpa sastra at the Sri Sankara Silpa Sala under the guidance of Stapathi G.Jayandran and worked for several years with him at various temples. He is appointed as a religious artisan for the foundation taking care of all the various shrines and other upgrades of the temple in Stroudsburg, PA. He is also responsible for taking care of the cow and calf in the Sharada Go shala. He is married with his wife and children in India.

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May the Grace of Sharadamba and blessings of the Acharya be with you all !

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